Issues We Face

School Bus & Children


It is obvious that our school system is broken.  We can no longer just throw more and more money at the problem hoping to raise the level of education. Our students must be able to attend school in person to receive the necessary attention and interaction they require. In addition, we must ensure that the money allocated to education actually reaches the classroom before local school districts allocate it to administration.  Teachers must be paid the salaries that they deserve, our schools need fully funded programs that benefit the student.  Our schools need more teachers, counselors, nurses, teacher assistants, books, computers, and other needs, before money flows to unnecessary administrative positions. 


A focus group can be formed to include both teachers and parents to address education for K-12. This group would recommend changes to the Governor and legislators that would benefit not only teachers but students as well.


Local school boards must be allowed to make local decisions without the state meddling in those choices.   We have to support  parents with school age children, whether they chose to send their children to public schools, private schools, charter schools, or choose to home school.  They must have more control over the education that their children receive.  All funds allocated to education should follow the student regardless of where parents choose to enroll their children.  Parents pay taxes and should be able to reap the benefit of those taxes used to fund the state education system.

Business and Government


Small businesses are the life blood of any economy. The Gross Receipts Tax system needs to be eliminated and changed to a simple sales tax in order to lower the burden on small businesses. Over-regulation by state government is also burdensome and must be relaxed. Policies should be adopted that support local businesses, not hamper them.


Power must be restored to the people. Our government should not exist simply to dictate what people must do. Executive orders are not law and should be severely limited in scope and length.  Laws should be passed that help people, money should be allocated to make life better, not more burdensome. Wasteful spending must stop. The Legislature must become more transparent, and back-room deals that profit legislators must stop.  Voters must have the tools to keep legislators accountable to those who elect them. Alan remains committed to explain his votes to the people of District 23, to meet with and listen to them, even when there is disagreement, and not just during an election year.  Alan firmly believes that as a representative, he works for the voters and is always accountable to them.


It is the founding document of our Republic.  We can't pick and choose which sections we support and which ones we ignore.  I support each amendment as written and will support and defend them every day.


First Responders

Men and women who chose this profession must receive the respect and honor they deserve. A State Income Tax reduction should be passed to recognize the sacrifices these brave men and women make on a daily basis. Local communities should be able to apply for state grants to raise the rate of pay for all first responders to attract more qualified young people into this critical profession. Above all, law enforcement officers need to know that citizens support and respect them by electing “pro-law enforcement” candidates that do more than just say the right words during election season but work to support them all year long.


The New Mexico Department of Veteran Services needs to be fully funded to fulfill its statutory mandate to serve New Mexico Veterans. We owe it to these American heroes to make sure that they are better taken care of. In addition, military retirees should not have to pay state income taxes on their military retainer pay, and this benefit needs to be extended to their widows and widowers as well. More money must be allocated to mental health programs that will help veterans and their families in need of these services. Veteran Service Officers employed by the state need to be compensated commensurate with the complicated issues that they deal with on an everyday basis.  We need to respect our veterans and first responders with actions not just words.